VOTE Ted Cummings


It is the responsibility and privilege of a representative to listen to their constituents. My focus is to have the issues I work on, be the issues of the community along with their active feedback and engagement.

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I believe that a vibrant working-class population is essential to have a stable society and functioning government. Protecting the rights of working men and women to collectively bargain for wages and benefits is fundamental to maintaining a middle class.

I believe in the full support of public education, apprenticeship programs, trade schools, libraries, and view the support of these institutions as essential to the success of our state.

I believe that investing in our state infrastructure will not only start the process of improving the quality of life for Washington residents. It will set the groundwork for continued prosperity and growth in Washington.

I believe that healthcare should be affordable, accessible, and that providing preventative and accessible healthcare for all will reduce healthcare costs.  Affordable physical and mental healthcare access will allow gains to be made in overall worker productivity and social costs like incarceration and hospitalization.

I believe that variation in our population and our industries are Washington’s greatest strengths and that protecting the environment and jobs are not mutually exclusive.
I believe that a state representative has an obligation to always act with integrity and decorum while openly serving in the best interest of all the people.

I believe that systems like right-to- work or high interest rate loans are designed to trap people in poverty. They are abuses of power and should be confronted and overturned.