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I have lived in Spokane Valley for 42 years. For much of that time I had not been paying as much attention to local politics as I should have. Recently, however I have started to pay more attention.

I read in Shawn Vestal’s May 13 article that my representative, Matt Shea, wants to create a 51st state called “Liberty”! This is a recycled idea from the ‘80s that gained no traction then nor will it now. Vestal describes “Liberty” as a fictional realm, an AM radio fever dream, a hypothetical amalgam of rural defensiveness and anti-government paranoia, longed for by those who miss the 1950s (when white men were in charge) and who are bracing for a government collapse brought on by Obama’s continued Deep State meddling.

In another article by Vestal July 23, 2014, the late Republican Sen. Bob McCaslin Sr. wrote to the Spokane County Commission opposing Shea’s candidacy for an open state Senate seat, writing: “I wish to state that under no circumstance would I support Matt Shea for any public office.” I love our community and our state. We deserve better. Vote for Ted Cummings and end this wasteful nonsense.
— Carol Brady Allen
I am pleased to endorse Ted as candidate to represent the 4th Legislative District. Ted has the experience, leadership qualities, and insight to represent every resident of the 4th Legislative District. Ted is a leader and collaborator, and exactly what our District needs. The future of our community depends on small business and industrial advancements, on advocacy for our hard working labor force, on respect for our community’s diversity, on the success of our farmers and ranchers, and on protection of our environment.
We should expect to raise our families and educate our kids on a living wage. We should expect protection of our earned benefits as veterans, and we should expect a dignified retirement. Women should not have to fight our government for control of their bodies, and children should not fear going to school. We should expect our State Representative to uphold the Constitution without threatening to put more value on weapons than on our children. We need a Representative like Ted, who lives the life we live, who understands the importance of respect and dignity for all, and who will go to Olympia with the 4th District in his heart, not with a personal agenda and a goal to separate our community from the great state of Washington. Ted Cummings, you have my respect, and my vote.

I’m a TED voter. I hope you’ll join me.
— Lori Feagen
Representative Matt Shea is a fine example of a politician who relies on peripheral or blinder issues like property and gun rights while avoiding more critical issues like health care, the environment and justice.

By magnifying their relevance, he creates an emotionally angry, fear-based campaign. By claiming that our essential freedoms are at risk and that only his tough measures will work, he can denigrate anyone who disagrees. Shea is like many others on the far right around the world who have unfortunately found manufactured polarization to be a winning strategy for appealing to those who would rather not expend the energy required to understand more complex ideas.

As a constituent, I recently asked Rep. Shea for a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the bill (HB 1026) that would establish universal health care coverage in our state. To illustrate my point, my request was initially ignored, then coldly refused.

Polarization is extremely harmful for democracy and we need to do everything we can to reverse this social malignancy. While Ted Cummings, Shea’s opponent, does not have legislative experience, he understands what it means to work together to solve problems. That should be reason enough to vote for him.
— Cris Currie
As a voting resident in the 4th Legislative District, I’ve got a choice to make for the House Legislative seat, Position 1. For the past eight years I have been embarrassed and frustrated by the holder of that seat.

This year there is a new candidate for the office, Ted Cummings. Mr. Cummings has worked within a major industry in our community for 30 years, presently serving in a leadership role at work. He has his own small farming business. He is a responsible gun owner. He wants to represent the people of the 4th Legislative District in matters that matter to all of us.

I will be choosing to vote for Ted Cummings. I hope many of you will join me.
— Tom Brattebo
So Matt Shea is hanging out with far-right-wingers in Whitefish that insist state governments are nothing more than unconstitutional corporations that collect taxes? That somehow arson of BLM land and armed takeovers of a federal wildlife refuge is the right (wing) thing to do? And he gets elected and re-elected by leveraging social conservatives who are pro-life and pro-biblical marriage?

It never ceases to amaze what humans can rationalize. I’m sure Jesus approves.

Please vote for Ted Cummings.
— Mike Reno