VOTE Ted Cummings
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Ted has dedicated much of his life to unions and he understands that there are many in this community who have dedicated their time to other issues that impact our entire community. We need your knowledge and involvement to make the 4th Legislative District the Best it can be!


“Together we can build a better Washington”

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I have had the good fortune to achieve the American dream of owning a home, being employed in a job with retirement and healthcare benefits along with sick leave and vacation time.  I want to ensure that the life I have been so privileged to live remains attainable for the coming generations.

Bringing differing and contrary opinions together is an essential requirement of a successful leader and is a necessary ability for a State Representative.  I have watched for too long as economic inequity and abuse of power have grown and our middle-class families have receded. I want to work to advance the interests of all residents of our state, particularly the interests of working men and women.


I have worked as both an hourly and salaried employee for major aluminum companies for thirty years.  There have been many changes in the metals industry as American industry has been decimated by foreign competition.  I am proud to have played a leadership role in seeking solutions to remaining competitive in the face of increased costs and challenges. 

As a member of the United Steelworkers and the chair of the Clerical and Technical Unit in USW Local 338, I am part of a leadership group that works to balance wage and benefits for union members with required returns for shareholders.  Working in many capacities in over five different facilities with varied management teams has given me the knowledge and ability to recommend business practices that embrace lean manufacturing to drive costs down by improving metrics in safety, quality and delivery performance. 

I believe my real-world manufacturing skills will be useful in making our state government more efficient and save tax dollars for government services. I have the proven ability to find common ground between opposing parties and craft arguments to help find consensus between the parties.


I was born to Bob and Martha Cummings in Spokane during April of 1961.  I attended St. Augustine grade school, Mead junior high, and graduated from Gonzaga prep in 1979.  Denise and I met at an Arabian show horse ranch in north Spokane in 1980. I married Denise Cummings in October of 1981.  We have two sons born in 1983 and 1985.

I was hired on at  Kaiser Aluminum in May 1988 and worked at the Mead smelter until the strike/lockout of 1998.  I went to work at Alcoa Aluminum until 2004 when I returned to Kaiser aluminum Trentwood works.  I became Unit Chairman of the Clerical and Technical unit in May of 2012 and remain in that office today.

Denise and I own a company called Pell Creek Land and Livestock in Chattaroy, where we live. We raise registered black angus cattle and grow hay and timber.  I am a delegate and a member of the executive board of the Spokane Regional Labor Council for USW Local 338.  I chair the Political and Legislative committee for Local 338 and sit on the Joint Union Company Wellness committee. I am a responsible gun owner who enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.